Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Big Congratulations to our Show Pig Buyers

We wanted to Congratulate all of our buyers this year on a Job well done
inspite of the hard year you had to deal with.

It was a hard year this year.  Long cold spell at the beginning and then
it got hot a month early so this really affected the Show Pigs from gaining

Congrats to our Champions !!!  We had a lot of Star Class Champions as well. !
Great job with all the problems with the weather. 

Some of you , I can tell, really did  a great job feeding your Show Pigs the right
stuff .  This really shows and makes a difference. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

We Still Sell Show Pigs , just been to busy to blog

We here at Idaho Show Pigs are sorry we have
not been keeping our blog followers informed about
what Show Pigs we have for sale for the last couple
of years.   We have been very busy and because
we have had so many Champions . Reserve and
Grand Champions so the word of mouth advertising
that our friends have been doing is appreciated.

We still believe that having the right Show Pig to
start with is important but 2/3 rds  of being successful
is due to the GREAT JOB our buyers do in raising
their Show Pigs.   Thank You for helping us look

This is Just an Example of the GREAT JOB
our buyers do with their Show Pigs .
Thank You !

We are sold out of Show Pigs already for the 2013
Show Pig season.  Thank You.
Please email us if you want to be on the Reservation
List for the 2014 Show Pig Season.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our efforts to have great pigs this year paid off . We are sold out.

We need to say "Thank You" for helping us to sell so many pigs. 

We are hoping  that this year will be a GREAT One for you this year. 
For those of you that have just found us on the internet. We say 

Thank You for looking us up.  Please let us know if you would

like us to put you on the list for next year.  Some of our best

Show Pigs this year went out of state. We Thank You for your

confidence and your willingness to come to us. 

May this Year be a Successful one for you !

Ps.  We are looking for fellow Hog Farmers in Idaho and Utah
       who raise good quality Show Pigs that would like to have
       us advertise your farms on our web page .  We have
       more buyers than we can take care of and we would love
       to send people your way.  Please email us for more info.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Show Pig Reservations will be finished up in Feb. Don't wait.

We appreciate the orders we have received so far. Thank You !   We have prices to fit most pocket books.

We have our Regular good looking show pigs and then we have Show Pigs that are pick of the litters .   

We feel in another 30 days we will be about sold out.  Please do not delay.

Please have your places ready for your Show Pigs by the middle of March. These piglets as a reminder
need to be kept no colder than 70 degrees if you want to do well.   

Please send your requests to
We want to Wish You All a great and fun Show Season !

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Show Pig Reservations have begun.

With the Holidays coming upon us we wish you and your family the best this coming New Year !!

Reservations have started to come in and in January we expect a lot.  
We have Show Pigs of all ages and for most of the Shows.  We have
Show Pigs of all types to fit your pocket books. 

If you are from out of state please let us know early to confirm that we have
Show Pigs the age you need for your fairs. 
Our Email is

Please check out our earlier blogs for pictures.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Idaho Show Pigs for Sale

I have to make a big correction to my last blog. 
1st I have to say I am sorry . I said the Goal should
be not Grand Champion Show Pig  but the Goal
should be to winyour Class that your Show Pig is in. 
Those are both wrong.  The Goal is to have fun !  
What is so great about winning if you did not have 
fun doing it.  

So all you 4H and FFA kids out there.  Remember 
having fun should be the Goal.  If you can do well 
and win your class that is a nice side benefit
to having fun doing your Show Pig project. 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reservations for Idaho Show Pigs have begun for the 2011 Shows

A Great Big "THANK YOU " to all our clients that purchased Show
Pigs this past spring.. A Big CONGRATULATIONS  to all those kids
that did well with their Idaho Show Pigs and placed 1st in their Show 
Pig classes in Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming !!
  We feel that should be the Goal,  Winning their class ! You have a better
chance of winning and their are numerous classes , so more chances to win. 

Of Course Idaho Show Pigs wants to give a  Special Congratulations to the
It takes a lot of work and you deserved to win.  Way to Go !!

We here at Idaho Show Pigs have teamed up with Utah Show Pigs
and have a nice variety of Show Pigs coming up For Sale this 
next year.  We have just about finished up with Breeding our Sows
here at Idaho Show Pigs and can hardly wait to see how our breeding
strategies turn out .Idaho Show Pigs is officially now taking reservations
for Piglets for sale next spring.  

We have all price ranges to pick from starting as low as $125 and up.
Did your Show Pigs grow a little slower last year ?  Was it harder to
make weight?  Was your protein in your feed at least 21%? 
Call and reserve your Idaho Show Pigs today and let us help you and
quide you in the feeding to success program.

Please contact us at